Friday, May 20, 2011

Hot Dog - Midnight Snack Sat 21 May 2011

So I was lying in bed couldn’t sleep, crap on TV, bored as hell... uhm...  I thought to myself how’s about a snack. Took a trip to the kitchen unsure of what to snack on, did the natural thing, opened the fridge... and now for all the options, decided to go with an easy one... when in doubt go for the simplest option... those Woolie’s vienna’s were calling my name had some hot dog rolls in the bread tin, got them out... now the trick to a good hot dog is getting the vienna right... Boil some water, pour that water in a bowl pop in your vienna and wait 5 minutes, take it out add it to the hot dog roll add some chilli and mustard sauce and god wash it away with a good glass of coke! Then have another one. Thereafter type this and post it to your blog... Now to get that sleep...

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