Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Daar is 'n dief op my dak

I woke up this morning at 02:30 with that "something aint right" feeling, so went to inspect to check that everything is in order. As I'm walking to the window, I hear my neighbour shouting "get off my roof!!!" I imediateley reacted to check as I'm going down the passage I heard someone on my roof and as I'm passing my window I see the thieve's feet resting on the window sill as he was hiding between the buildings on my property. I was to far away from the back door so I opened to window with some force hoping I'll knock him down, but he was to quick and got back up the roof.

Opened up the back door and he was gone, went to the front came outside and the entire street was awake, trying to catch the guy, he was trying to break into the home at the back of me when he was discovered. The cops were called to come look for him, but when they came it was probably way too late. Criminals of today must have a good excercise routine, this guy was very quick, the cops needs some pointers. Nobody saw him exit from anywhere and it was assumed that he is probably laying and waiting for the heat to cool.

Now I need some sleep, again.



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